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trying to get rid of these rolls
21 May 2006 @ 09:34 am
Here are some low calorie drink @ Starbucks
(I work there, and I play around with the drinks)

Order: Double Tall in a venti cup, venti ice, coffee frappiccino light blended coffee - 110 calories
Have a coffee frappiccino in a Venti cup for the amount of a tall!

They add two shots to the coffee frappiccino mix in the blender, and blend it up with the venti scoop of ice, and it tastes just as good a tall coffee frap, and you can add 4 splendas to the mix before they blend it for you, just to sweeten it up a bit.

Venti Unsweetened Green Tea Lemonade - 50 calories

Tall Banana Blended Passion Tea - 70 calories

Tall Sugarfree Vanilla Non-fat with Caramel Drizzle Americano Misto - 75 calories
Just like a Caramel Macciato!
trying to get rid of these rolls
01 January 2006 @ 09:34 pm
I love these things.. and they even have bunny ones, lol.

Create your own at http://www.tickerfactory.com
trying to get rid of these rolls
29 September 2005 @ 05:52 pm

.5 cup oats, 5.25oz apple.

1.25oz almonds

2 oz celery
3 oz cucumber
.33 cup kernel corn
.5 cup fat-free cottage cheese
3 oz tomato

Strawberry Yogurt Zone bar

1 egg, 2 egg whites
1 slice fat-free cheese
1 can of tuna

Total Calories: 1200
30% fat, 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein <3 <3 <3
trying to get rid of these rolls
27 September 2005 @ 09:34 am
Yesterday, my boyfriend bought me groceries. And then I attacked the light kernel popcorn that I bought, and ate the whole box (about 3 bags).

It made my daily calorie count 2000+


I need to get my shit together before I turn into a pumpkin. And at this rate, I'll definitely be one by Halloween.

Come on babygirl!
trying to get rid of these rolls
24 September 2005 @ 03:36 pm
I compiled a list of all the
foods/people/emotions that make me sensitive,
and could possibly trigger a binge.

Read more...Collapse )
trying to get rid of these rolls
21 September 2005 @ 07:53 am
The Maki Is Back...

I'm getting chubby agaaaain..

Morning weight today was 137.8, and I have a cold,
which just makes me lose my inspiration to workout
cause I just want my cold to be gone before I start up
anything, and I keep eating junk carbs.

Not anymore!

Going to be counting at 1200,
and eating <100 grams of protein per day.
I am feeling a bit better today,
so I think I shall start working out tonight,
depending on my nose and junk.

Here we goooo again.

Starting Weight: 137.8
Calories Eaten Per Day: 1100

Morning Supplemention: 1 tsp L-Glutamine, Multivitamin,
Vitamin C, Fish Oil, CLA, Chromium, 2 Evening Primrose, 3 Relora, Vitamin E.
Pre-Lunch Supplementation: (11:00am) 3 LeanXp
Lunch Supplements: Fish Oil, 2 Evening Primrose
Pre-Dinner Supplemention: (6:00pm) 3 LeanXp
Before Bed Supplemention: L-Cartnitine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, DMAE.

<td> Evening: </td> <td>
Tony Little/Abs
</td> <td>
Tony Little/Abs
</td> <td>
Tony Little/Abs
</td> <td>
Tony Little/Abs
</td> <td>
</td> <td>
</td> <td>
30min Bike
30min Bike
30min Bike
30min Bike

Sample Diet:
7:00 am: 2/3c. oats, 40g whey protein.
10:00 am: 3 hard boiled eggs, yokes removed
12:00pm: Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup,
3 oz onions, 1 can of tuna
3:00pm: Can of Sardines
7:00pm: Frozen Dinner >300 calories
10:00pm: Metamucil water
Current Music: I Want To Break Free - Queen
trying to get rid of these rolls
11 September 2005 @ 02:16 pm
I am starting a challenge with myself. For thirty days I will follow this plan, and abstain from binging.

So here are my guidelines:

1. Don't count calories: You end up eating more to reach a certain calorie goal even when you're not hungry, so just eat small meals throughout the day, eat when you're satisfied and leave it at that.

2. Take LeanXP pills an hour before Lunch & Dinner

3. Drink Vanilla tea after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4. No man-made carbs (bread, chips, cookies, muffins..)

5. Stay away from binge-trigger foods (peanut butter.. candy.. you know the lot)

6. Workout: Sunday - Wednesday -> Tony Little Tape/Abs & Stationary Bike @ the gym for 45 minutes.

7. Bedtime is 10:30-11:00pm

8. Get over the three day hump

9. Your mornings determine how well you will do during day

10. Don't start eating badly - because once you do, you'll never be able to start, write in your journal, and learn to stop yourself, and say no, even if it has to be aloud.

11. Visualize yourself thin, feeling good.. center of attention.

12. Do not eat after 8PM.
trying to get rid of these rolls
26 June 2005 @ 03:12 pm
Each time you look at food, or have jealous thoughts of something, you are giving it power against you.

If you don't let the food be powerful to you, then it will be powerless.
If you don't look at someone skinnier and feel jealous, you are resisting the urge to give them your mental power and thoughts
Put power into beneficial and positive thoughts/things, and not destructive things.
Inanimate objects such as food do not deserve this power over you.
Neither do thoughts of other people who make you 'jealous', because that is a negative, and then repeats and goes back to food.
Try to seperate your thinking and try to distinguish what you are giving power to when you looking at things and if it's really deserving of your mental attention.

I'm going to see what this is called. This stopped me from binging so many times this weekend
trying to get rid of these rolls
16 June 2005 @ 07:04 am
I started a new paper journal to track my eatings. I made it really cool and funky so I'd want to right in it; putting positive collages in it, writing down each meal that I eat, where I ate it and what I was thinking while I did it so I don't binge. Also tracking my water and vitamins.. my workouts. Writing all this shit down really helps. I always do good if I write after each meal.

It's fantastic.

Tips On Not To Binge/Indulge @ Work
- always brings your own food to eat on a break, so you aren't tempted to 'improv' and eat something that is around there
- always eat in public, the lobby areas, not the backroom, so you don't feel like you're hiding away from everyone, and you'll be less likely to sneak food
- always write in the journal while/after eating
- drink crystal light or just plain water, and stay away from drinks there (unless it's just tea or plain ol' coffee)
- write down any urges to eat what isn't on your food plan down asap, it will help deal, and will avoid any slip ups
trying to get rid of these rolls
14 June 2005 @ 07:23 pm
New food I'm eating right now:
a can of campbell's chicken noodle soup with 1/4 cup of egg whites cooked in it

very filling :)