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26 June 2005 @ 03:12 pm
Each time you look at food, or have jealous thoughts of something, you are giving it power against you.

If you don't let the food be powerful to you, then it will be powerless.
If you don't look at someone skinnier and feel jealous, you are resisting the urge to give them your mental power and thoughts
Put power into beneficial and positive thoughts/things, and not destructive things.
Inanimate objects such as food do not deserve this power over you.
Neither do thoughts of other people who make you 'jealous', because that is a negative, and then repeats and goes back to food.
Try to seperate your thinking and try to distinguish what you are giving power to when you looking at things and if it's really deserving of your mental attention.

I'm going to see what this is called. This stopped me from binging so many times this weekend
(Anonymous) on June 27th, 2005 05:22 pm (UTC)
go inspiration!
Your journal has really inspired me. I want to lose weight again, but do it the healthy way this time. I've been anorexic/bulimic for over 2 years now. I've given up purging, which is awesome, but have put on lots of weight in the past couple months of determination to not purge. I'm 22, 5'6" and weigh...a frightening 140 lbs. This especially freaks me out because this is my PRE ED weight! I wonder why I wasted 3 years of my life on this disease if I wasn't even gonna stay skinny! My LW was 105 and my 'normal' eating disorder weight was around 115. I haven't been over 130 in such a long time, being in the 140s for the first time in 3.5 years is really scary. Did I mention none of my clothes fit? Anyway, I feel like I am ready to cut out the junk and stop binging once and for all. I'm thinking of a flexible 800-1500 plan to start, with mini meals, and plenty of exercise. And only "clean" foods, as you say. Also, I plan to weight lift (I have osteopenia) and do cardio regularly. Today I'm gonna start weightwatchers too. I'm trying to diet successfully w/o making food the focus of my life this time around. Gonna follow a meal plan, limit my calories, but let the weight come off on its own, rather than restricting like whoa and then binging out of starvation. ANyway, you seem really cool and maybe we could help each other? I don't have an lj now but I'm gonna start a new one soon. I also like your idea of a paper meal record. I did the fitday thing to and it just didn't work for me. So yeah, if you give me your email I will email you my email (don't want everyone to know it) and we can share our progress/keep each other on track. Ohh...do you think if I follow my plan I can be 125 by the time school starts August 20th? Losing 15 lbs. in 1.5 months...should be doable, right, cuz my calorie deficit will be like 1000 a day if I eat 1200 most days and work out. Okay, thanks. By the way, this post sounds very existential. Interestingly Nietzsche's theories of power played a big role in the evolution of my ED. I refused to let food have power over my life. That wass a good period. The bulimia came later-yuck. Anyway, talk to you soon I hope!
trying to get rid of these rollsfutomaki on June 29th, 2005 03:27 pm (UTC)
Re: go inspiration!
it sounds like we have a lot in common! I'd love to be you're buddeh ;)